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Okay, so 2018 is in full swing and maybe you’ve embarked on a plan to improve your health. One of the biggest lifestyle changes that can have a long-lasting impact is switching from drinking sugary drinks (like soda, sports drinks, etc.) all day. And we support this choice! Water is vital for not just for a healthier body, but for a healthier mouth. Producing sufficient saliva helps protect teeth and gums from tooth decay and gum disease by preventing dry mouth.

Of course, some people find plain water boring and unsatisfying and are turning to sparkling water for help. Our Hanne Dental team is happy to report that carbonated water doesn’t harm your smile, even though in general carbonated drinks come with higher acid levels. Acid, as you know, weakens protective tooth enamel and subjecting you to cavities. talks about research that was done comparing carbonated water to normal lab water, in terms of acidic effects. It found that the acid levels for both had the same effect on tooth enamel; namely, it registered them both as water. The study was done on teeth which were already removed and donated to the study.

So, if you like drinking sparkling water, you can do so without worrying about harming your teeth. Please bear in mind that the study measured plain sparkling water. If you prefer citrus flavored sparkling water, you will be subjecting your pearly whites to higher levels of acidity.

You can help lessen the impact by drinking it with meals instead of alone, and if you are drinking it in between meals, finish it in one sitting, don’t sip it and bath your teeth in an acid bath all day long. Of course, if you don’t mind drinking plain tap water instead, you will not only be hydrating your mouth and your body without harmful effects but if your tap water has fluoride in it, your teeth will be receiving an added protective boost.

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