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Contact sports are a lot of fun to play, but they can also risk the safety of your teeth and jaws if your smile isn’t properly protected. An unexpected hit in the head can cause a cracked or knocked-out tooth or even a concussion. If you play contact sports, we urge you to choose an athletic mouth guard from the options provided commercially and in our office.

Stock mouth guards are you most basic option, and they can be an inexpensive purchase made at your local sporting goods store. This appliance typically offers one size and can’t be customized to your mouth shape, which may cause it to feel loose or even obstruct your breathing somewhat when worn.

A boil-and-bite mouth guard can conform to your mouth shape after being softened in boiling water and bitten into to capture your bite pattern. The material can become hard again when it cools, though the fit may not be perfect and can feel bulky in your mouth.

Dr. Sharon Hanne and our team offer a custom mouth guard to provide you with an effective and efficient option. After taking an impression of your bite pattern, we send it to a dental lab that uses a thermoplastic material to create your appliance. A well-fitted appliance can prevent damage to your teeth and jaws, as well as prevent brain injuries like concussions. With proper care, this type of mouth guard can last several years.

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