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How effective is your current oral hygiene routine? Are you ready to improve your oral health, or are you confident in your smile’s health? The truth is that there’s always something more we can do to keep our teeth and gums safe. Even a small adjustment in our routines can prove to have tremendous benefits that can extend the durability of our teeth by decades.

Your oral health is a building block for keeping your teeth and gums safe. The more you do to help improve your oral hygiene and other aspects of your oral health, the greater the chance that your teeth can remain strong and safe for the rest of your life. Always make sure that you clean your mouth on a daily basis as well as avoid outside influences that can damage your smile. Some of these outside forces include trauma or injury. To protect your smile, you can wear an oral appliance, such as a mouth guard or face mask.
If you are routinely suffering from dental damage, it typically means that something is not right with your oral health care. Visit our dentist to review your complete dental history and discuss what you can do to better protect your smile from any vulnerabilities or susceptibilities.

Lastly, take note of your diet and remove any unhealthy foods that you may regularly consume. This may include hard candies that can easily chip and crack your teeth as well as any other hard products that are too hard to bite into. Also, be aware of foods that can lead to dental erosion, including those that contain a lot of carbs or sugars.

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